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Repainting Your Front Door

Giving your front door a revamp is a simple but effective way of bringing some life back to your house! Amelio’s range of paint colours has something for everyone, whether you want a bright burst of yellow, or fancy a soothing sage green for when you walk through the door after a long day. Our quick guide gives you easy tips on the process of transforming your door.

Prepping the surface

To get your door ready for painting, first ensure all hardware is removed and keep the extra pieces in a safe place ready to reattach later.

Sand back all pieces of the door you wish to paint. We recommend using wet and dry paper to create a smooth finish using grade P200-320 for this initial stage. Sanding is also required between each coat of primer and paint to help with adhesion. We recommend wet and dry grade P800 for this.


Wipe over the door thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust and grime which might be lurking – even if you can’t see any! Use our Prep Clean to wipe the surface, where we have two options designed for either bare metal or pre-painted surfaces. Allow this to dry completely before proceeding. Afterwards, use our Tack Cloths to pick up any small pieces of dust immediately before priming and painting.

Prepping the surface

Depending on the material of your door, this may require different prep products to suit the surface before painting.

Wooden surfaces: apply a wood sealer, which helps to act as a protective barrier on the wood before painting

Metal surfaces: apply an etch primer, please note that this is a spray only product. Ensure to only use this product on metal areas, as can caused reactions if it is sprayed onto painted areas.

Pre-painted surfaces: go straight onto priming with synthetic primers, as seen in the next stage


Apply a synthetic primer to the door. Our synthetic filler primers help to fill imperfections in the surface and hold protective purposes to help shield your surface. We recommend using two coats of synthetic primer for the best finish. In our same synthetic formula, this can also be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.


Undercoat is an optional step and down to personal preference, but this helps to deepen the color of your topcoat, and smooth the surface before your topcoat layers. Again, two layers of undercoat is preferred to gain the best coverage before topcoat.


With your selected Amelio paint, apply two coats onto your door, remembering to sand in between each layer P800 grade paper. Our paints can be applied by either brush, roller or spray application (if spraying, a ratio of just 5-10% of our synthetic thinners is required for application).

Apply the first coat of coach enamel paint using a high-quality paintbrush or spray gun. Begin at the top of the garage door and work your way down in even strokes. Allow it to dry completely before sanding back and applying the second coat – this takes around 12 hours at 20 degrees C.

Reinstall fixtures

Once fully dry, get together all the extra pieces and fixtures which were taken off before painting, screw these back onto the door, and you’re ready to go!

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