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Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing & Painting Your Garage Door

Wanting to transform your garage door and give it a new pop of colour? It’s not as difficult as you may think! Follow our step by step guides and give your door a new lease of life with Amelio paints.

1. Sanding

To help the longevity of the paintwork, keying the surface back before painting is essential. This aids adhesion, whether this be on a bare metal or a pre-painted surface. Use a fine-grit paper, where we recommend use wet and dry paper between P200-320 grade (remember to key back in-between each painting coat too).

2. Clean the surface

Making sure your surface is clean before starting is key to a high quality finished project. After taking off any fixtures you don’t want to get paint on to, wipe over the garage door thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust or grime. Use our Prep Clean to wipe the surface, where we have two options designed for either bare metal or pre-painted surfaces. Allow this to dry completely before proceeding. Afterwards, use our Tack Cloths to pick up any small pieces of dust immediately before painting.

3. Priming

Apply a synthetic primer to the garage door (for bare metal surfaces, this also requires a layer of etch primer before applying synthetic primer for adhesion purposes). Our synthetic filler primers help to fill imperfections in the surface and hold protective purposes to help shield your garage door. We recommend using two coats of synthetic primer for the best finish.

4. Undercoat

Undercoat is an optional step and down to personal preference, but this helps to deepen the color of your topcoat, and smooth the surface before your topcoat layers. Again, two layers of undercoat is preferred to gain the best coverage before topcoat.

5. Topcoat

With your selected Amelio paint, apply two coats onto your door, remembering to sand in between each layer using a P800 grade paper. Our paints can be applied by either brush, roller or spray application (if spraying, a ratio of just 5-10% of our synthetic thinners is required for application).

Apply the first coat of coach enamel paint using a high-quality paintbrush or spray gun. Begin at the top of the garage door and work your way down in even strokes. Remember to clean equipment after use with our brush wash to keep these in top condition!

Allow it to dry completely before sanding back and applying the second coat – this takes around 12 hours at 20 degrees C.

6. Reinstall fixtures

Once fully dry, get together all the extra pieces and fixtures which were taken off before painting, screw these back onto the door, and you’re ready to go!

Don’t forget to take some pictures of your finished doors and share your progress! Tag us @ameliopaint on our socials

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