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How to paint on wooden surfaces

Amelio paint is ideal for using on wooden surfaces, whether that be a bench that needs a new lease of life or a wooden door which wants a new pop of colour! With the easy stages of prepping, you will transform your garden space in no time!

  • Sanding

To get the surface in the best condition prior to painting, the area first needs sanding back. For this initial stage, use a sandpaper grade of around grade P200-P320.

  • Wood Sealant

To ensure there is a protective barrier between the wood and door, using our wood sealant is essential in preventing the reabsorption of the paint  and primer products into the wood.

  • Key back

Keying back between each surface helps to create adhesion and further smooth the surface between each coat. We recommend using wet and dry paper between grade P600-800 grade.

  • Prime

Our synthetic primers contain protective properties to help protect your surface and can help to fill imperfections, ensuring the longevity of your project.

  • Undercoat

Our undercoats help to deepen the colour of your topcoat and help to smooth the surface before your topcoat application. This is an optional step, but can further increase the longevity of your project, especially for outside projects, by giving further protection.

  • Topcoat

With your chosen Amelio topcoat shade, apply at least two coats onto your surface. Our paints come ready to brush or roller, making sure to lay the paint off using a clean synthetic brush straight after applying. If you were wishing to apply our paints via spray application, 5-10% of our synthetic thinners would be required to aid the spraying process. Leave at least 12 hours for full dry in between coats.

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