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How to apply paint to pre-painted surfaces

When you are starting with a pre-painted surface you will need to flat back the paint. This is to get rid of any imperfections, i.e. micro-bubbles to form a flat surface. Make sure you key the surface so that the primer adheres.

Then you need to prepare your surface for the primer application. This stage is crucial to get rid of contaminants. The best product for this is Prep Clean 2800. To use Prep Clean, generously wet a clean lint-free cloth with the Prep Clean and clean/degrease the surface.  While the surface is still wet use a second clean lint free cloth to remove the Prep Clean and contamination trapped within it. Always use two cloths, using only one will increase the chances of redistributing the surface contamination rather than removing it.  Cloths for use with Prep Clean should be replaced regularly and often to ensure that an efficient pre-cleaning process is maintained.

Immediately before applying your paint use a tack cloth;  this adhesive cloth is designed to pick up any dust and loose dirt.

The process we recommend is is:

  1. Filler Primer
  2. Undercoat
  3. Top coat
*Please note you need to use a White Primer underneath yellow and orange paint colours.

You need to key the paint in between coats with wet and dry P600-800 – this enables the paint to adhere.

If you can not find the product you are looking for then get in contact with us.
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