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Brush wash

Brush Wash

Heavy Duty equipment wash.  Use this cleaning product purely for washing and cleaning your brushes, Spray Gun and any paint covered equipment at the end of the task.

Do not use to thin paint products.

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ALL the tools you need for a pro finish

As you may (or may not) know, the prep and tools are the second most important part to a project. Second in line to the paint, which is one thing you don’t need to worry about.


All of our tools have been

Tried and tested by us

Approved by the professionals

Chosen to be a perfect partner to our paint


Brush Wash.  Use this cleaning product purely for washing and cleaning your brushes, Spray Gun and any paint covered equipment.

All Brush wash, Gun wash and Standard Thinners are re-cycled products.  They contain elements of water and other alien chemicals which do not complement and aggressively destroy quality paint. They generally contain high levels of  water element which is fine for cleaning purposes; however not as paint thinners

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If you need any guidance on the application of your exterior paint, please visit our How To pages, or Contact Us. 

Amelio’s oil-based paint is effective on both interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork due to its hard-wearing nature. Using a traditional oil-based paint creates a deeper bond to surfaces than the quick-drying paints. This creates increased longevity and excellent flow when applying. A perfect paint option which maintains originality in your restorations, made in Britain. Our Gloss finish reflects light magnificently, making it practical but also tasteful. Choosing a gloss finish also makes it washable, making it easy to remove any marks. Amelio’s oil-based Eggshell produces a perfect low sheen option for your wood and metalwork. Much like the gloss, it is weather resistant and washable, but with a muted shine. Favouring British made pigments and oils, our main aim is to formulate a traditional oil-based paint, but as sustainably as possible. Perfect for adding some more life into multiple exterior projects including (but not limited to) sheds, furniture, window frames, doors, bird boxes! Also suitable for use on interior surfaces such as skirting boards, interior trims, railings, radiators and furniture!

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